On Buddhas’Head

Two 19-year-olds set off for India and cross the sclerotic Europe of the post-68 era. They discover the Muslim world: Iran without the Ayatollahs, Afghanistan without the Taliban, and tribes in Pakistan that don’t want to belong to Pakistan. They glide through the mountains of the Hindu Kush, immerse themselves in the madness of Herat and Kabul, implode on the head of the Buddha of Bamiyan and fall into ecstasy at the foot of the fantastic lakes of Band-e Amir, before settling down to dream in the ruins of the Greek Buddhist universe of Gandhara in the Pakistani “tribal area” of the Swat Valley.

An initiatory, political, poetic, and spiritual journey. A crazy adventure filled with unforgettable images and extreme sensations.

A fascinating road movie of the 70s!

On Buddhas’ Head (ebook FNAC)

On Buddhas’ Head (ebook Barnes and Noble)